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About CSL

The College Sports Lab (CSL) is an interdisciplinary research and training laboratory supported by the Division of Sport Management in the Department of Health and Kinesiology at Texas A&M University.

Scholars of the lab examine major concepts and issues related to the management and conduct of all levels of intercollegiate athletics, including those related to: organizational effectiveness and efficiency, social responsibility and ethics, revenue generation, leadership, organizational control and planning, reform and organizational change, fiscal management, gender equity, diversity, legal aspects and compliance, career attainment processes, and marketing.

CSL was established in the fall of 2003, and is structured as a non-profit organization with a high focus on advancing college sport research. The laboratory does not sell physical, tangible products, but rather looks to promote the lab and do beneficial things for college sports.

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CSL is a research-based entity. We continually strive to become one of the most influential college sports laboratories in the country. The potential for research related to intercollegiate athletics is expansive and is continually growing, allowing us to expand its impact on the industry.